N.E.W.S. Introduction
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The Global University Network initiated by Berlin University of Applied Science was founded in Berlin,1994. It is a Joint Non-Government Organization of universities and colleges from Europe and East Asia. ‘N.E.W.S.’ standing for North, East, West, and South, and its members are from all over the world. The present members are educational institutes and organizations from Germany, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, France, Serbia and China.

With the rapid development global economy, the trend of globalization for higher education has become urgent. since its inception in 2000, the N.E.W.S. has been dedicating itself in strengthening regional cooperation among institutes with the aim of establishing thorough information-sharing, staff collaboration in scientific researches and study visits, students exchange programs and other institutional cooperation regarding joint scientific research bases, degree co-education programs and bilingual or multilingual teaching programs .

China Three Gorges University has formally established friendly relationship and cooperation with Free University Berlin,Germany since 1997. And in 1998, CTGU , for the first time participated in the N.E.W.S. annual conference and joined the union. In the year 2002 ,2006, and 2011 China Three Gorges University has hosted the 5th, 7th and 8th N.E.W.S. conference. We believe that the 11th N.E.W.S. conference will further expand its influence and contribute to cultivating world-class teaching staff, building the international cooperation in scientific research, nurturing talents with capacity of international competition and promoting the world peace

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