Notice for Excellent Bachelor Students Graduating from CTGU in 2017 to Apply for the Master’s Programs under Hubei Provincial Scholarship
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April 1st, 2017  

Dear international students,  

According to strategy and planning on international education, the university decides to select excellent students graduating in 2017 to apply for the master’s programs under Hubei Provincial Scholarship (HPS), which is 15,000.00 RMB per master student per year.  

The student can continue to enjoy the scholarship on the condition that there shall not be any violation of regulations or failure in any course conducted by the student.  

I. Majors and Seats  

Civil Engineering                  4  

Electrical Engineering and Automation  3  

Business Administration              2  

Clinical Medicine (MBBS)            1  

II. Eligibility  

1.      Non-Chinese citizen; physical and psychological healthy  

2.      Will graduate in June 2017 from relevant bachelor’s program of CTGU  

3.      According to the comprehensive ranking of all the previous semesters in CTGU; those who has passed HSK level 5 shall enjoy priority  

4.      With outstanding performance and contribution in China-friendly aspects  

5.      With great potential in scientific research  

III. Procedures  

1.      Please go to your college for detailed rules of evaluation and recommendation  

2.      The recommended names shall be submitted to the Department of International Relations before 5:00pm April 13th, 2017 by each relevant college  

3.      The name list will be published on campus for three days  

4.      Apply online at China International Student Service System (http://lsx.ctgu.edu.cn) accordingly under the assistance of your counselor  

5.      The recruitment office of Department of International Relations will deal with all the new students paper works  

6.      The recommended students shall sign Commitment with recommending college  

7.      Go through the registration, body check-up, and visa issues according to the admission notice, JW202 form and relevant documents.  

Department of International Relations  

School of Graduates’ Education  

Financial Department  

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